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Buhuh. =(

Sometimes, I wish I never took the job.
Yes, I am working. Sort of. I tutor. To Koreans.
It's not really hard. I have two adorable Korean students. I teach them for two hours a night. They are siblings so I go to their house at Ortigas five nights a week, Monday to Friday. They pay me Php150 for each hour. Good pay. The sad part? I commute. Ortigas is two rides away, 1 hour. And I have to walk from SM Megamall all the way to their unit for 10 minutes. It's tiring. And it's eating up too much of my time. I teach for two hours but if you add the travel time, this job takes away 4 hours of my day.

Anyway, I'm missing a lot of the online world. It's not a good thing. But, worse, I'm missing a lot more of the real world. People tell me that I always look tired. I'm stressed out.
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So, so.

I was walking. Just walking. There were people around. Lots of them laughing and hugging each other. Happy...probably of the sunny day and how it was not too hot. Warm is the word. How warm it was and perfect to slack around and take a break for a little while.

People are so used to running away and hiding from all the worldliness, it makes me want to believe that we human beings are not a bit materialistic.

I was walking. Just walking. Suddenly, my cheeks were wet.

I needed to.

I'm sorry.
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I need to catch up.

I have a lot of catching up to do...with my online life. My PC is fixed. Yay! But it's still at Kuya Al's, my sister's boyfriend. But they're busy, they don't have time to bring it to the dorm.

Anyway, I'm actually friends with my roommates now. They're pretty fun. And they're cam whores, too. So, yeah, pictures will be posted after I buy myself a bluetooth dongle or a cable.

There was a super-typhoon. Bicol was affected. Again. What's new? I can't contact my mom. I guess there's still no electricity there. I hope they're okay. Thursday was free day, the only good thing about the storm. ~_~

Last night's overnight didn't happen. Ack. Disturbing. I wanted to see my friends. I know, Christmas break is just around the corner but I can't wait that long. Homesickness is eating me.
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*Warning: 9 unedited pictures under the cut. U_U

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I wish I could be with them right now. This must be because of the month's breeze. It's cold. Cold makes me feel lonely. Well, I might actually go with Dayan to Begs' later. Overnight. The dormitory is tremendously boring without a TV and a PC. I've read more books than I can remember and that's a very bad sign.

I've been slacking for the last few weeks. Well, relaxing maybe. I'd be dead if I try to relax more. Things have never been easier. I guess I have too little a load this semester or maybe the semester haven't really started for me yet.

I have a new phone, by the way. Finally, I have a new hand-held buddy which is way, way better than the last 3 mobile phones I had (2 of which I lost). A Nokia 7610. It's not really new. My sister, Manay Cho, arrived from Abu Dhabi last week and she gave me the phone because she just bought herself a new one, an N70. My other sister, Manay Len, got herself a new job during the start of the previous month. Along with the job is a new Toshiba Notebook Computer, a new N70 and a new car (all of 'em from the company). And yeah, a way, way higher salary, too. Her boss is pretty nice (because he found out his cousin's wife is my mother's sister, so that makes him act like Mr. Goody Two-Shoes to my sister).

Since I have a new camera phone with a 64MB MMC, I'm turning into a scary cam whore. Ha ha. I might post some more pictures next time. Except for the last three, the pictures above weren't taken with my phone.

P.S. I'm the one in lavender or er purple or, yeah, that color.
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I have a law student for an Accounting Professor. Raise your hand if you want me to drown him. I have nothing against him being a law student - I just wish he'd stop treating us like we're uber good at expressing our opinions like erm - law students. He scares me. U_U

Anyway, dorm life is still Boredom (note: capital-B). Good thing I bought myself three new books. I think I'm going to start a bored?-rent-a-book business inside the dorm. I need cash. First, I have to commute from Caloocan to UP with a box full of inch-thick novels. Then, find the people who haven't returned some of my books yet: The Little Prince, The Alchemist, Nice, A Bend in the Road, Secret Garden, To Kill a Mockingbird, Memoirs of a Geisha...shit, I can't remember the other titles. Oh, my Java book is missing, too.


P.S. They're training us to tell people what to do at HRIM. Coolness. -_-
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I live in a dorm now. And it's boring. I wish I had my PC back. I barely go out so I spend every bit of my free time imprisoned by four freaking walls (covered with hideous flower-printed wallpaper). I have three new roommates and they seem...fine (or is it too early to say). NO PC + NO TV = BOREDOM.
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The roof, the roof - was blown away. ~_~

Milenyo blew away our house's roof in the province. When I found out about it, I laughed. Too late before I realized that it was our stockroom's roof. Big money got wasted because of the fcuking typhoon. 100% of Bicol's coconut plantations were destryoed and that means less income for my mom.

Gubat literally looks like a gubat (=forest) right now. There is still no electricity, my mom said the provider assured that the town would be up and running with power on December.


I want to do something good for a change. Something good for myself.
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Face needed.

I was at the University Main Library yesterday, trying to review for my Econ exam today. I feel good everytime I enter the General Reference section...for no obvious reason.

I've been trying very hard for the past weeks to make everything work. Not yet sure if the effort is good enough, maybe after this semester, I'll know.

I'm looking for a new place. By place I mean a new bedspace. Haha. I can't believe the dormitories are not accepting new residents yet. I actually believed that they were going to have the renovations this semester because they were all too grumpy to admit new residents. But nooo...it was postponed. I should've been smart enough to not believe them and insisted that they accept my application. Grumpy dorm managers, stupid me.

Something is wrong with the CRS. An error keeps showing up everytime I click the Save button. Darn.

Anyway, we're going to have a career talk on Thursday for my HRIM 100 class. I need to be in a business attire. Make-up, heels and all. My sister already lent me some of her clothes which got me thinking - she doesn't really have that dressing prowess that I thought she had. So I need a new pair of shoes, deadly weapon shoes, the pointed ones, those that kill, and a new top. I have the slacks and blazer already. Oh, I also need a new face. My face is not corporate-face, it's a bum-face.
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