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My two-week vacation has officially started!!!

I'm free!~

The semester is finally over. I just finished taking my last exam 2 hours ago. Accounting is bull. I tried to stay up late to study. I tried. I head was throbbing like hell last night, like some orc was trying to flatten it with his foot. I haven't had a good sleep for the last three days. My body is not used to irregular sleeps anymore. Anyway, I probably failed that exam again. So, I might retake Accounting next semester. FCUK. FCUK. FCUK. I shifted to HRIM because I didn't want to deal with numbers anymore and this is what I get. More numbers. Scarier numbers! Our instructor gave us enough time to study, in fact, he gave us too much time to study. He even postponed the exam. That's why lethargy was able to catch up. I only started studying two nights ago. Only two nights to absorb 8 chapters.

Accounting had been the only subject troubling me this semester. The only subject where I took a written final exam. I was already exempted from taking the finals on Microbiology, Nutrition and History. My Ethics and Management classes only required final papers. My vacation should've started a week ago!

Anyway, I'll try to hope for the best. But right now I feel like crap.

I'm hungry. ~_~

I'm addicted to VisualBoy Advance.

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