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I'm scared I'm messing up every thing again.

Ever since I got my PC back (Berta) I've been going back to my bad habits again, i.e. spending hours in front of the computer. It took me months to fix what needed fixing but here I am...trashing all that hard work. I'm becoming lazier and lazier - again. Just a month ago, I was this person staying up late every night until the wee hours of the morning just to study, not minding all the eye bags resulting from lack of sleep. But here I am now, staying up late, complaining about my aching back, just to finish a layout that won't even help me get a passing grade in Microbiology. Still, I won't mind failing a long quiz the next day as long as I make a really nifty icon. Very stupid.

But Berta is sick right now. I installed a folder hider, which was a freeware I got from The first time I tried it, it was working fine. I tried hiding My Documents and that's when it all happened. The My Documents folder disappeared - with all the video and audio files. I tried unlocking it - but it wouldn't show up and I couldn't find it anywhere. I did a system restore, then AVG started malfunctioning. I got a RavMonE virus from an Internet shop somewhere in SC through my flash drive as well (that's what happens when you don't have your own Internet connection). Hey, I didn't have an anti-virus and I needed to finish a report, I had no choice but to open files in my computer without scanning them. I was desperate. I'm having a hard time fixing her, so the best thing to do for now is reformat. But I won't be able to do that until next week, because Berta's drivers are still in my sister's boyfriend's house, which is a three-hour ride from UP. So, I'll just have to wait for my sister to return this weekend. I haven't opened my computer for two days, I'm getting tired of ending the virus' process every boot up. ~_~

Anyhow, I had a long exam in Microbio today. I think I messed it up. I actually slept at four o'clock this morning after wasting almost 5 hours talking with my roommate instead of studying. The talk wasn't pointless - so I don't think it's something to regret about.

Anyway, I'm sleepy. And I have bills at the dorm to pay.

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