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Random pictures...

What I do during History lectures (while Teacher discusses the Japanese Occupation)...

Gloria, papet ka!!!

Ayu-Chan (Ultra Maniac) is mad at History Teacher

Ayu-Chan is shocked about the Japanese atrocities

Our Shoes are Luv
(OMG, too much sharpening.)

Wait, here's a real entry...

The most probable date that I'll get my own Internet connection again is on June, which is on the first semester of the next academic year. I couldn't subscribe yet because it's dorm policy that Internet subscription should always start at the beginning of the semester, my computer was brought mid-sem.

So, all I can do with my PC (who, btw, I have christened Berta) is write academic papers and reports, fiddle with Photoshop (layouts, icons, etc.) and bloat it with audio and image files. I'm working on my website's new layout - the ambience is a bit different from the previous layouts. It's less depressed (since, I'm less depressed as well). But black will still be dominant. =)

I have an oral report later, at 2.00pm and this cough won't stop. Sore throat.

The tutor thing is okay. I've been earning enough to sustain my needs and, well, a few wants. This Saturday and Sunday, I will be teaching (= Php1,600) because Teh Koreans' quarter exams are approaching.

I have History exam tomorrow! Need to study about how the Americans fooled the Filipinos (no offense to my American friends). Oh, and how the Japanese brutally tortured our ancestors. And, yes, how incredibly gullible (as always) the Filipinos are.

And Accounting torture is scheduled tomorrow as well. I failed the 1st Long Exam, btw. It was an "open everything" exam. "Open notes, open books, open everything!" I still failed. Well, more than half of the class failed. But I didn't drop the course, I can't drop. I'm not the drop-it-when-it-is-too-hard Najo anymore.

Also, on Saturday, from Teh Koreans' unit, I have to go to Buendia for our Micriobiology food establishment observation. I have to submit the Methodology Written Report (for the same subject) on the same day as well.

Next week, I have two long exams and much more exams after that.

Well, basically, the only subject that has been pestering me this semester is Accounting. It's too freaking hard. Or, they say, our instructor is so freaking hard on us. He expects us to be Accounting gurus.

Oh, I won Php3,000 worth of e-money here. I just purchased a new 2GB PQI Flash Drive for Php1,050. And I'll either bid on a DVD writer or just buy a new one.


P.S. error_in_syntax is an incredible flirt. LOL. xP

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