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Last Friday was pay day. My first real salary. And I feel guilty. These Koreans have no idea that they're paying us Php300 every night to play with their children. ~_~

Well, we want to teach - problem is these kids don't want to be taught. We don't play the whole two hours, most of it we try to make them understand that we're there to help them study.

But not senseless playing. They actually learn from Scrabble, Sudoku and P.A.N.T.S. Scrabble and P.A.N.T.S. enrich their vocabulary (ha-ha) and Sudoku is Mathematics.

Min Ji, 11

Peter, 14

Yang-Yang, erm, Koeran dog

Min Ji, Sudoku Addict


Sally, erm, Korean cousin

Licyl, co-tutor, Emotera, confused

Sadist Koreans


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