April 8th, 2007

Punk Duck



I didn't fail Accounting. Can you believe that?

A few meetings before the final exam, our accounting instructor said that he was waiting for something. And if that something comes, he won't fail anyone. I guess that something came. My classmates said that he was actually waiting for the board exam results. His brother passed the board exam so, in result, none of us failed. Great. Now, I'll never find out if I really am a lousy accounting student. Well, of course, I know I'm lousy I just wanted to confirm it.

I feel happy and angry all at the same time. Happy because I'm not going to retake Accounting. But angry because I know I didn't deserve that passing mark.

Oh well. Life goes on.

It's my mom's birthday! Happy birthday, Mama! IWAVYOUSOMUCHDROOL!~
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