January 22nd, 2007

Punk Duck

ANIME, jdorama and other animation series FOR SALE!!!

Anime, Jdorama and other animation series FOR SALE!!!


Comic Party, Law of Ueki, Ultra Maniac, Rurouni Kenshin, Elfen Lied, Vision of Escaflowne, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Alchemist, Fushigi Yuugi, Card Captor Sakura, Fruits Basket, Hellsing, Serial Experiments Lain, Saikano, Saiyuki, Midori Days, Slam Dunk, GTO, Gokusen, Ghost in the Shell, Prince of Tennis and a whole lot more!!!

All animation in Data DVD/CD format, PC-playable only.

Contact me if you're interested:
Mobile: +639214767056
Email: najo_xvi[at]yahoo[dot]com

If you want a complete list, let me know. I'll email it to you, but I can't send it right away, I'm still fixing it.

Prices are negotiable. =^^=